Sunday, September 20, 2009

Reading Week 3

By Wednesday you should have read:
1. through Chapter 3 of the Hirshleifer text, and started Chapter 4. The test will cover all of Chapter 4 and everything up to it.
2. "To Drill or Not to Drill: Let the Environmentalists Decide" by Dwight Lee, originally printed in The Independent Review, Fall 2001.
3. Reading #'s 3, and 17 from the BBG Reader. The Broken Window by Henry Hazlitt is a crucial paper, and more than fair game for an extra credit question. Charging All the Traffic Will Bear is a classic demonstration of good economic writing by Leonard Read, who also wrote the I, Pencil essay you read.
4. Looking ahead, you will want to give The Formation and Function of Prices by Hans Sennholz a good reading or two. This essay is in both the RSM reader and the BBG reader (#61).

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  1. You can find it here online