Saturday, October 17, 2009

Economics for the Citizen (and You!)

A few years ago Walter Williams published a series of 10 essays in his weekly syndicated column. I here link you to a pdf of these 10 essays for you to read. This is not required reading (you won't be tested on it) but many of the examples should be quite familiar to you, and it could be helpful to reflect from these examples.
This is in part because Williams was my professor, and I have stole several of these examples from him. Part of this is because Williams' professor was Armen Alchien, and I have had 3 other professors who also had Alchien as their professor, and many of these stories originated with Alchien. So I've heard them all a few times.
And it won't hurt you to hear some of them again either.
The full document is 10 pages. Should take you no more than half an hour to read through. You might want to read some of Williams' more recent columns, too. They are always very good.

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