Saturday, October 17, 2009

Getting Help

Okay, so some of you did poorly on the first midterm. Don't fret. There's another test coming up and the last one only accounted for 1/4 of your total grade, and I'm willing to whittle that down some if you do well on the next two.
If you need some help, if you want to go over the test material, or other topics from class, I am more than willing to sit down with you and go over your questions.
Here's how this works:
1. You contact me about wanting help. Email me.
2. I will divide 2-3 hours of my time per week among however many students request help. I am somewhat flexible in my schedule, so there are various times we can meet. If nothing else works we can try to meet by phone or instant messenger.
3. You bring questions, specific questions, to me. "Can you teach me the material from chapter 3?" is not a question. You have to show that you have done due diligence to understand the concept on your own. Bring whatever work you have done to our meeting so I can analyze your thinking. I have been an educator for over 10 years, though only recently teaching at the university level, and I am quite skilled at discovering mistakes and anomalies in students' thinking.
4. You work hard and score better on the next tests.
5. You give me a glowing teacher evaluation at the end of the semester. Heh, heh.
Okay, so the email is:
I am waiting to hear from you.

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